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  • Video Ads Plugin

    Enable ads to be displayed pre-video and during videos. The benefit of this plugin is that it is player independant. You can use videos, images, text, or 3rd party code such as Google Adsense. You have full control to setup the timing and display options.

    • Use Videos, Images, Text, or 3rd party ad code
    • Set how long the ad will show
    • Set if/when Skip Ad option is displayed
    • Allow ad free viewing for paid users
    • Works with embedding module for 3rd party videos

    * This is a separate plugin and is not included in the basic script purchase.

    Video Import

    Provides a simple method for users to add videos, by giving the url of the 3rd party video. The system will extract information to add the video to your site.

    • Simple import, users enter the video URL
    • Grabs embed code, thumbnail, Title and Description
    • Easy way to populate your site
    • Import from Youtube, Vimeo and Daily Motion

    * This is a separate plugin and is not included in the basic script purchase.

    Social Login/Sharing

    Enables social media login, assisted account creation, and video sharing through many of the most popular social media sites

    • Includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google and more
    • Easy admin interface to manage social app setup and enable/disable options
    • Gives users a one click option for logging in
    • Allows users to share, like, pin, tweet or G+ videos

    * This is a separate plugin and is not included in the basic script purchase.

    Flowplayer License

    Flowplayer is one of the most advanced downloadable players on the internet. You can review the player here: http://flowplayer.org/player. With Cliphouse you are free to use any player you like, this is the one we liked the best. You can use the free version, but if you would like to customize it with commercial features such as custom logo and white label options then a license is required. We offer discounted licenses with this option vs. buying them directly from flowplayer.

    * This is a separate plugin and is not included in the basic script purchase. It is restricted by one single domain and changing domains is an additional charge fro flowplayer. Licensing terms

    Video Load Balancer

    Spread out possible bandwidth issues for high traffic sites by allowing the use of multiple servers for video conversion, storage and serving.

    * This is a separate plugin and is not included in the basic script purchase.

  • Video Upload and Management Features

    • Members can upload their Videos in more then 20 supported Video formats
    • During upload Members can see Upload Progress Bar
    • Videos are converted to multiple formats of your choice including popular formats such as mpg and webm.
    • Thumbnails are created on the fly
    • Admin can approve or delete Videos
    • Members can browse Videos by Categories
    • Members can comment on Videos (AJAX based)
    • Members can rate Videos and Video comments (AJAX based)
    • Free Flowplayer License includes:
      • Play/pause function
      • Rewind function
      • Seek/buffering bar
      • Volume bar
      • Full screen mode
    • Purchased Flowplayer License includes:
      • Ability to upload your own logo from Admin; it will appear inside the Player
      • Remove all flowplayer branding
      • Flowplayer has separate pricing for support. See here for more details: https://flowplayer.org/player
  • Profile/Channel Features

    • Admin has full control over Profile questions
    • Members can upload an Avatar
    • Members can modify their Channel Page style (background, fonts, colors)
    • Members can turn on and off different Sections of their Channel Page
    • Members can organize their Videos and Favorites
    • Members can subscribe to each other's Channels
    • Members can become friends of other Users/Channels
  • User Groups Features

    • Members can create Groups with different access levels;
      • Public - anyone can join
      • Moderated - moderator approves/declines join requests from other Members
      • Private - invitation only
    • Group Members can add videos to the Group
    • Group Members can post messages on a Group Message Board
  • Video Tag Clouds

    • Tag clouds appear on Video's browse page
    • Modules settings:
      • Enable/disable module
      • Minimum and maximum amount of tags to show
      • Minimum string length of a tag
      • Minimum and maximum font sizes
      • Cache lifetime
  • Get Paid is the monitize setion of your site

    Membership Packages

    • Create multiple Membership Packages
    • Set up prices and payment periods for each Package
    • Non paid Members can be limited to watch Videos only in certain Categories
    • Create advertisement campaigns


    • Upload Banners or use external ad tags (such as Google AdSence or Overture)
    • Set up targeting for campaign ads; Per page targeting, Geo targeting and Categories targeting
    • Allow premium users an ad free site
    • Track sales history
    • Ability to approve pending orders manually
  • Mobile Friendly Interface

    Site designed for all sizes of user devices and computers. From large desktops to small mobile phones, users can browse easily and watch videos from your site on most any device from most any browser.

    Multi-Lingual Support

    • Add/Remove manage additionl languages from the admin control panel.
    • Select your sites default language
    • Optionally allow your visitors a language option from your available languages

    100% Open Source

    All code is completely accessable and editable. Written in php, javascript, html, and smarty template engine, you have full access to modify your site completely to your needs

    Bad Words Filter

    If your site is to be utilized by children or if you just want your Members to be polite, you can enable the Badwords Filter and all forbidden words will be removed from users input. Admin has the ability to delete or modify existing Badwords List or create their own.

    Friends and Invitations

    Members can add existing site Members to their friends and start sharing Videos and Bulletins with each other Members can also send an Invitation to their friends, who haven't joined the site yet


    Members are able to post a message to all of their friends at the same time These messages will appear in a special "Bulletins" Section on their Channel Page.